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Cynthia Glickman joins us this Saturday at 3 p.m.

Saturday July 28, 2012

Cynthia Glickman

Author of

Daughter of a Porn King:
A True Story.”

Cynthia obtained her doctorate by age twenty-seven – became a National Figure competitor (which is the top 1 percent in physical fitness) – was a professor for seven years and a dean of a college.


Nipple Wars?

The hotly debated practice of breastfeeding beyond infancy has earned itself a close-up investigation as part of a new reality television show.

Extreme Parenting will look at a range of America’s kookiest parenting rituals, shedding a spotlight further on the much-hyped arguments for and against weaning your child after the age of one.

The show, created by the team behind Bridezillas and Dance Moms, picks up where Jamie Lynne Grumet left off in the debate when she graced the cover of Time magazine with her four-year-old son latched onto her breast.

Doug: I wonder what they’re gonna’ call it?

Nipple wars?
The Real Breasts of Orange County?
Nipplicious: The Series?

Can we all agree not everything needs to be turned into a reality show? As well… if your kid is old enough to ask for a cookie to go with his milk? Time to knock him off the titty!