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New Denny’s in Vegas to include wedding chapel

Denny’s says its newest 24-hour diner in Las Vegas will feature a full bar and a wedding chapel.

The restaurant announced Thursday that it plans to open a flagship diner by the end of the year in downtown Las Vegas’ Neonopolis shopping complex.

The 6,400-square-foot eatery will include an interactive photo booth where patrons can take their photos with Vegas-themed props and share them on social media sites.

The restaurant will also offer a range of wedding packages at its on-site chapel, some including wedding cakes made of Denny’s Pancake Puppies.

Doug: Marriage: a sacred institution. Now with hash browns. So on the one hand you have Denny’s food. On the other hand you have marriage. Either way you’re going to walk away feeling nauseated. And yes, ladies… I’m still single.

Dumbest Headline of the Week

6 drown in water-related accidents on Sunday

Doug: Kind of makes you wonder how many drowned in NON water related accidents, doesn’t it?

Wouldn’t that be the same as a headline that read “6 burn to death in fire related accidents?”

Aurora Massacre Joke (Made Before Son of Victim) May Get Professor Fired

A tenured humanities professor at a United States Service academy on Long Island has been suspended with pay and faces the possibility of termination in the aftermath of an Aurora massacre joke he made during class.

According to an internal personnel document obtained by the New York Times, Prof. Gregory F. Sullivan had put on a documentary and was about to leave the room when he turned to the class and said, “If someone with orange hair appears in the corner of the room, run for the exit.”

The matter would likely be less serious were it not for the fact that one of Prof. Sullivan’s students at the United States Merchant Marine Academy happens to be the son of a man killed during the movie theater shooting that left 12 people dead and 58 wounded.

In his “notice of proposed removal” to Prof. Sullivan, the academy’s dean called the joke “notoriously disgraceful” and insisted the professor should have known better given that he was made aware of the reason for the student’s recent absence.

Sparks moviegoer shoots himself in buttocks, apologizes, leaves theater

A 56-year-old man accidentally shot himself in the buttocks inside the Century 14 movie theaters in downtown Sparks on Tuesday night when a gun he had brought into the cinema discharged, police dispatch said.

The man immediately got up, apologized to those around him and left the theater before police arrived, police said. He later was found at a Reno hospital where he was being treated for a wound not considered life-threatening.

Doug: It’s good to know that if a mass killer opened fire in the theater, this hero could have been there to return fire and shoot himself.

Did this guy just question our athletes’ patriotism?

I think this has to be one of the dumbest interviews I’ve ever seen. We’ll discuss it on this week’s show and see if you think this guy is even remotely on track with his comments.