N. Dakota candidate for Senate, Rick Berg supports life sentences for rapists when the victim becomes pregnant and has an abortion. I’m sorry, did I say rapists? I meant victims

Rep. Rick Berg (R-ND), the candidate for Senate, voted for a bill that would have made any woman who obtained an abortion guilty of a homicide crime — even if it were in the case of rape or incest. Indeed, the bill Berg supported does not even contain an explicit exception if an abortion is necessary to save the woman’s life.

In 2007, Berg was among the small number of state representatives in the North Dakota House who supported the measure. It also would have imposed penalties on doctors and anyone else who “aids, abets, facilitates, solicits, or incites” a person into an abortion.

And here’s what the law said… “A person is guilty of a class AA felony if the person intentionally destroys or terminates the life of a preborn child.” A class AA felony carries a maximum sentence of life without the possibility of parole in North Dakota.

Doug: Well. Isn’t he just a breath of fresh air? And to think… at one point, the GOP actually stood a fair chance of flipping the senate. But now? I honestly think that more than 75% of the funds raised by the Republican Senate Campaign Committee is now going to antacids and whiskey for the senior staff to deal with profound stupidity like this.

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