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3 Responses to “Welcome one and all!”

  1. robert says:

    ya know, if they would answer the phones at the studio you might have more callers to speak with.. i think a POST IT is in order ( WHEN LIGHT BLINKS OR PHONE RINGS, ANSWER IT)…

  2. Troy says:

    1. The anti abortion plank has been in every republican platform since roe v. wade.
    2. The bill to restrict the federal government from paying for abortions: The language that included “forcible” rape as a middle ground to get democrat support. It allowed the government to pay for “forcible” rape abortions but not statutory rape abortions. Some statutory rape abortions were covered under the incest provisions. So to say that future Vice President Ryan is espousing a change to the definition of rape is false.

    Love the show – keep it up!

    • admin says:

      Troy. No matter how you slice it, Ryan co-sponsored a bill with Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin to include the word forcible – therefore – he was espousing a change to the definition of rape.

      What is false is calling Ryan the “future vice president” – at least, in the near future – and I don’t think Hillary will pick him to be her running mate in 2016.

      But I will be gracious and wait ’til November 7 to say “I told you so.”

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